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Welcome to Total Package Training, Columbus's premier in-home personal training service
You have entered the website of Total Package Training, Columbus, Ohio’s premier personal training service. With more than 10 years of experience providing in-home personal training to the Columbus area, Total Package Training has become recognized as the industry leader in personal training by providing…

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Total Package Training provides the equipment, knowledge, and motivation to help you surpass your potential and truly become The Total Package. So what are you waiting for? Say "NO!" to average personal training and join TPT's fitness revolution!

Total Package Training Mission Statement
To provide our clients with an effective, personalized and scientifically sound personal training approach that will help them surpass their fitness goals, all in the comfort of their own home.

Total Package Training's Philosophy
Our philosophy is simple: One dimensional personal training is not good enough. In order to help you excel in every physical aspect, our personal trainers will design and implement an individualized and effective workout program that will help you surpass your potential with your appearance, enhance your physical skills, and become the healthiest you’ve ever been. To put it more simply, Total Package Training aims to give you the body you’ve always wanted, the skill-set of a trained athlete, and remarkable health and well-being. In addition to this, we will help you decrease your level of stress, increase your self-confidence, and even teach you self- defense!

Why Total Package Training, Personal Training in Columbus, Ohio is different
Most personal training services only focus on one aspect of your physical well-being (what we like to call one-dimensional training.) Whether it’s training to improve the way you look (which can lead to incoordination, inflexibility, and an imbalance in your musculature,) an increase in your athleticism (resulting in a blocky and aesthetically unappealing appearance,) or just for health benefits, typical personal training results in unhappy, unsatisfied and one-dimensional clients.

This is what sets Total Package Training apart from the rest. By utilizing a wide variety of training techniques in each personal training session, along with a personalized meal plan from our registered dietician, you will see a remarkable improvement in all three fitness categories. Add this to the fact that we bring all of the equipment to your house, at a time convenient to you, and we think you’ll find TPT to be not only the most effective and most fun personal training in Columbus, but also the most convenient!

Total Package Training Delivers Results

Lean muscle
Low body fat
Increased strength
Improved athleticism
Excellent flexibility
Self defense skills
Self confidence
More energy
Less stress

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